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Update, June 14: The current edition, as a PDF, is version 1.0. All readers will get version 1.1 (simple corrections, typos fixed, bigger/better pictures, etc.) for FREE when it is available.

Welcome to the web site of From the abacus to smartphone: The evolution of mobile and portable computers by Evan Koblentz.

This is a short book about a big story.

Mobile or portable computing feels like a recent phenomenon, but its story began long before the iPhone and laptop. There were "luggable" computers before Apple existed, mainframes in Army trucks during the 1950s, and let's not forget the classic slide rule! While we're at it, consider pocket calculators, the abacus, early computers aboard ships and on airplanes, and many others. Each type of portable computing has a unique and largely untold story of how it came to be. Together, these stories will open your eyes!

Chapters: 1. Abacus to aerospace, 2. Land cruising, 3. Becoming smaller, 4. Age of the laptop, 5. Getting personal, 6. The last 25 years.

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