Frequently asked questions about Abacus to smartphone:

Q. What is the book about?

A. This book traces the evolution of mobile and portable computers from the earliest times, such as the abacus and astrolabe, to modern products such as the smartphone and tablet.

Q. Is it very technical?

A. No. I wrote this book for general readers. There is very little technical information.

Q. Does it have an entry about my XRZ-2000-D mobile device... so to speak?

A. Maybe! However, it's a history book, not an encyclopedia or reference guide. It is not about listing every device — that would be impossible. It shows how we got from the abacus to the smartphone.

Q. Is it a coffee table book with lots of colorful pictures?

A. There are some pictures, but in each chapter I focused on stories of the mobile information age.

Q. Why is it self-published? Does that mean you're not a real writer?

A. I've been a professional technology journalist since 1998 and a computer historian since 2003. The book is self-published because that is an efficient 21st-century way of doing things.

Q. I heard you were working on this book 10 years ago, what took so long?

A. The book may be short, but the story is big! These things take time. :)

Q. I have some other comment or question, how do I reach you?

A. It would be great to hear from you! Please email me at info@abacustosmartphone.com

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